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This collection is a product of an artistic partnership between artists Annette Rolston and Mike Fenton.

Annette and Mike are both trained fine artists; specialists in painting and printmaking. Their studio of 3 years in Designermakers21; a shared crafts collective in Diss, has enabled them to develop their work and showcase it to the public through its shop. They both excel at handcarving linocuts, so they experimented with printing onto fabrics and parchments and created a unique and artistic range of interior products. Their inspiration comes from the rural environment of East Anglia. Animals feature heavily, the iconic hare, owls and garden birds, horses, deer, garden creatures and insects such as butterflies, dragonflies, bees, frogs and snails. 

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drone bee cushionlabstract lampshadehand printed lantern

Hand-Made Products

They make cushions, lampshades, lights, upholstered textiles, scarves and fine art prints and paintings. They use the traditional skills of hand-carving print blocks and printing through a traditional printing press onto fabrics. Each textile they print is a unique combination of printed blocks and colours and is not possible to replicate exactly; it then becomes a hand-fashioned cushion, lampshade, print or canvas picture. They make the products themselves using locally sourced materials.

Enjoy their combined vision and skills and invest in one of their beautiful hand-crafted individual textiles to enhance your home.

Visit Their Studio and Shop at designermakers21 in Diss, Norfolk

designermakers21 is an exciting initiative promoting the growth of local designers and craftspeople, it breathes new life into a large, historic empty shop on St. Nicholas Street, Diss, making full use of the warren of Victorian rooms. Sponsored by the Corn Hall Trust and supported by the generosity of Diss Quakers, designermakers21 aims to build a collective of local makers and to encourage the growth of creative businesses.

DesignerMakers@21 willl be open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10 – 5, or by appointment. The nearest parking is on Shelfhanger Road. For directions see the map below:

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You Can See Samples Of Their Work In The Following Places